In 1776, the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation.  From our founding, the Bible

has been used as the basic textbook for all our schools, teaching our children the Christian principles that

made our nation great.


We ceased being a Christian nation in 1963, when the United States Supreme Court passed rulings

saying that the Bible could no longer be used as the major textbook for America’s children in public

schools.  Since that time, our nation has steadily degraded into the what many Christian scholars today

call the post-Christian America.


Classic TV Bible studies are media based studies using television shows from the time when America

was still a Christian nation.  Using a NAVE’S TOPICAL BIBLE and the biblical topics listed next to

each television episode below, anyone can use these programs to help teach Christian principles that

once made our nation the great moral leader that it once was, and that it will be once again some day.


The Adventures of Robin Hood                                            The Adventures of Superman

The Andy Griffith Show                                                        The Beverly Hillbillies

Bonanza                                                                                 The Cisco Kid

Gunsmoke                                                                              The Howdy Doody Show

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp                                    The Lone Ranger

Red Skelton                                                                           The Rifleman

The Roy Rogers Show                                                           Stories of the Century

Superman Cartoons                                                               The Twilight Zone

The Untouchables                                                                  Wanted: Dead or Alive



The Adventures of Robin Hood-1959-1/2 hour-Rulers

This story is set during the Dark Ages in England.  Robin of Locklee is an English soldier that has

returned from the Crusades.  He finds his father killed and his property stolen by an evil Prince John.

He escapes into Sherwood Forest where he becomes the leader of a band of robbers dedicated to

stealing from the rich and returning the money to the poor who are suffering under the rule of an evil


001-The Coming of Robin Hood-justice         002-The Money Lender-stealing

003-Dead or Alive-friendship                        004-Friar Tuck-marriage

005-Maid Marian-love                                   006-A Guest for the Gallows-exchange

007-The Challenge-archery                             008-Queen Eleanor-trust

009-Checkmate-captivity                                010-The Ordeal-guilt

011-A Husband for Marian-husband               012-The Highlander-honor

013-The Youngest Outlaw-children                014-The Betrothal-oath

015-The Alchemist-witchcraft                        016-The Jongleur-betrayal

017-The Brothers-brotherhood                       018-The Intruders-crime

019-The Sheriff’s Boots-merchants                020-Errand of Mercy-pestilence

021-The Vandals-deception                            022-Richard the Lionheart-king

023-Ladies of Sherwood-snares                     024-Will Scarlet-battle

025-The Deserted Castle-deception                026-The Miser-greed

027-Trial by Battle-murder                             028-Children of the Greenwood-freedom

029-The May Queen-treachery                        030-The Wanderer-physician

031-The Byzantine Treasure-treasure             032-Secret Mission-lists

033-The Inquisitor-faith                                  034-Tables Turned-children

035-The Traitor-ransom                                  036-The Thorkil Ghost-spirits

037-The Knight Who Came to Dinner-            038-The Wager-prayer                       

039-The Prisoner-prison                                 047-Isabella-deception                                  

066-The York Treasure-rescue                       069-Food for Thought-greed                          

080-A Tuck in Time-brothers                         084-Brother Battle-mighty men

113-Lincoln Green-treachery


The Adventures of Superman-1950-1/2 hour-Salvation

This is the story of the original E.T.  Ka-El is an alien from the planet of Krypton, who was sent

to earth by his father Jo-El.  On earth, he has super powers and uses these to battle evil scientists,

criminals, etc.

001-Superman on Earth-salvation                   002-The Haunted Lighthouse-spirits

003-Case of the Talkative Dummy-stealing    004-Mystery of the Broken Statues-mystery

005-The Monkey Mystery-communism           006-A Night of Terror-terror

007-The Birthday Letter-deception                 008-The Mind Machine-manstealing

009-Rescue-communication                            010-The Secret of Superman-manipulation

011-No Holds Barred-knowledge                   012-The Deserted Village-unknown

013-The Stolen Costume-secrets                     014-Mystery in Wax-prophecy

015-Treasures of the Incas-treasure                016-Double Trouble-twins

017-The Runaway Robot-power                     018-Drums of Death-magic

019-The Evil Three-Greed                             020-The Riddle of the Chinese Jade-honor

021-The Human Bomb-gambling                    022-Czar of the Underworld-truth

023-The Ghost Wolf-fear                                024-Crime Wave-justice

025-The Unknown People-1-unknown            026-The Unknown People-2-strangers


The Andy Griffith Show-1960-1/2 hour-The Two Natures Of Man

This is probably once of the best comedy shows ever made.  Andy Taylor is the sheriff in

the town of Mayberry.  He lives here as a single father with his son Opie, his housekeeper Aunt

Bea, Barney Fife, his hilarious deputy, and a host of country characters sure to warm your heart.

001-The New Housekeeper-change                        002-The Manhunt-misunderstanding

003-The Guitar Player-talent                                  004-Runaway Kid-trust

005-Opie's Charity-charity                                      006-Ellie Comes to Town-mercy

007-Irresistible Andy-vanity                                   008-A Feud Is a Feud-reconciliation

009-Andy the Matchmaker-pride                            010-Stranger in Town-strangers

011-Christmas Story-mercy                                    012-Ellie for Council-politics

013-Mayberry Goes Hollywood-honesty                014-The Horse Trader-cheating

015-Those Gossipin' Men-gossip                           016-Andy/Barney's Morale-friendship

017-Alcohol and Old Lace-drunkenness                 018-Andy/Marriage Counsel-marriage

019-Mayberry on Record-suspicion                       020-The Beauty Contest-wisdom

021-Andy and the Gentleman Crook-judgment        022-Cyrano Andy-romance

023-Andy and Opie, Housekeepers-respect            024-The New Doctor-jealousy

025-A Plaque for Mayberry-humility                      026-The Inspector-grace

027-Ellie Saves a Female-beauty                           028-Andy Forecloses-greed

029-Quiet Sam-curiosity                                         030-Barney Gets His Man-revenge

031-The Guitar Player Returns-wrath                     032-Bringing Up Opie-conflict


The Beverly Hillbillies-1963-1/2 hour-Understanding

Jed Clampett and his hillbilly family live in the woods of Tennessee.  When oil is discovered on

their land, they become instant millionaires.  They decide to move into a mansion in Beverly Hills,

California.  The situation becomes extremely humorous as this hillbilly family tries to adapt to life

in the big city.

001-The Clampetts Strike Oil-salvation         002-Getting Settled-change
003-Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin-
new         004-Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale-truth
007-The Servants-
service                               008-Jethro Goes to School-knowledge
009-Elly's First Date-
humility                         010-Pygmalion and Elly-sorcery
011-Elly Races Jethrine-
marriage                   012-The Great Feud-war
013-Home For Christmas-
Christmas               014-No Place Like Home-home
015-Jed Rescues Pearl            -
romance         016-Back to Californy-battle

017-Jed’s Dilemma-controversy                     018-Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage-peacemakers
019-Elly’s Animals-
mercy                              020-Jed Throws a Wing Ding-jealousy          

021-Jed Plays Solomon-forgiveness               022-Duke Steals A Wife-love                        

023-Jed Buys the Freeway-deception             024-Jed Becomes A Banker-talent                 

025-The Family Tree- tradition                       028-Jed Pays His Income Tax-taxes              

029-The Clampetts and The Dodgers-talent    032-The Clampetts in Court-generosity         

042-Jethro’s First Love-music                        043-Chickadee Returns-honor

044-The Clampetts Are Overdrawn-money    052-The Giant Jackrabbit-confusion              

053-The Girl From Home-wedding                055-The Race for Queen-beauty



Ben Cartwright is a widower livng with his three sons in the old west.  His sons are named Adam,

Hoss, and Little Joe.  They own a huge ranch called the Ponderosa and continually have adventures

in one of the longest running western classics.

019-The Gunmen-feud-duality                        020-The Fear Merchants-bigotry

021-The Spanish Grant-generosity                  023-Desert Justice-justice      

024-The Stranger-vengeance                           025-Escape to the Ponderosa- freedom

026-The Avenger-injustice                             027-The Last Trophy-fear                  

028-San Francisco-manstealing                      029-Bitter Water-lying

030-Feet of Clay-responsibility                      031-Dark Star-witchcraft

032-Death at Dawn-justice                             033-Showdown-trust

034-The Mission-faith                                    035-Badge Without Honor-vanity

036-The Mill-jealousy                                    037-The Hopefuls-Quakers

038-Denver McKee-neighbors                        039-Day of Reckoning-prayer

040-The Abduction-greed                               041-Breed of Violence-wolves          

042-The Last Viking-family                            043-The Trail Gang-intentions           

044-The Savage-protection                             045-Silent Thunder-compassion                    

046-The Ape-wrath                                         047-The Bloodline-sonship   

048-The Courtship-romance                           049-The Spitfire-kin              


The Cisco Kid-1950-1/2 hour-Mighty Men

This is the character many have called the Robin Hood of the Old West.  Along with his sidekick

Pancho, the Cisco Kid travels across America doing good and helping those in need.  This was the

first American western featuring Hispanic characters and actors as heroes.

001-Boomerang-belief                                    002-Counterfeit Money-money

003-Rustling-friendship                                  004-Big Switch-twins/duality

005-Convict Story-prison                               006-Oil Land-oil

007-Chain Lightning-stealing                          008-Medicine Flats-cattle

009-Railroad Land Rush-deception                010-The Will-testament

015-Lynching Story-injustice                          016-Newspaper Crusaders-bravery

017-Dog Story-loyalty                                    018-Confession for Money-guilt

019-The Old Bum-deception                           020-Haven for Heavies-safety

021-Pancho Hostage-betrayal                         022-Freight Line Feud-division

023-Phony Sheriff-trust                                   024-Unclue Disinherits Niece-heir

025-Phony Heiress-inheritance                       026-Water Rights-water

027-Performance Bond-covenant                    028-Stolen Bonds-belief

033-Ghost Story-confusion                             040-Vigilante Story-vengeance                                  

041-Hidden Valley-heaven                             042-Carrier Pigeon-diamonds                        

043-Hypnotist Murder-possession                  044-Romany Caravan-tribes

045-Robber Crow-theft                                   047-Quarter Horse-gambling 

048-Jewelry Holdup-greed                             049-Ghost Town-suspicion                

050-Quicksilver Murder-elements                  051-Buried Treasure-treasure            

063-Mad About Money-love of money


Gunsmoke-1955-1/2 hour-Season 1-The Law

Marshall Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty, Deputy Chester Good were the main players in this show

that was the longest running western of all time.  There was a never ending line of major stars

in the classic television program taking place in Dodge City, Kansas.

001-Matts Gets It-wisdom                              002-Hot Spell-wrath

003-Word of Honor-honour                            004-Home Surgery-lust

005-Obie Tater-gold                                       006-Night Incident-gossip

007-Smoking Out the Nolans-land                  008-Kite’s Reward-the past

009-The Hunter-ungodly                                 010-The Queue-bigotry

011-General Parcley Smith-lying                    012-Magnus-Christmas

013-Reed Survivies-unfaithfulness                 014-Professor Lute Bone-medicine

015-No Handcuffs-authority                            016-Reward for Matt-greed

017-Robin Hood-suspicion                             018-Yorky-stealing

019-20-20-blindness                                       020-Reunion ’78-violence

021-Helping Hand-trouble                              022-Tap Day for Kitty-bride

023-Indian Scout-war                                     024-The Pest Hole-plague

025-The Big Broad-women                            026-Hack Prine-friendship

027-Cooter-justice                                          028-The Killer-killing

029-Doc’s Revenge-hate                                 030-The Preacher-defeat

031-How to Die for Nothing-vengeance         032-Dutch George-strangers

033-Prairie Happy-fear                                   034-Chester’s Mail Order Bride-marriage

035-The Guitar-unforgiveness                        036-Cara-friendship

037-Mr. and Mrs. Amber-legalism                 038-Unmarked Grave-violence

039-Alarm at Pleasant Valley-family


The Howdy Doody Show

This was the first of all television kid shows.  Playing on children’s love of westerns, circuses and

Puppets, NBC created this show with the lead players of Puppet Howdy Doody, Cowboy Bob and

the silent clown Clarabelle.  There is also a wealth of changing children in the Peanut Gallery.

001-Friendship-friends                                   002-Howdy’s Big Surprise-answers

003-Clarabell’s Practical Joke-time               004-Sight-eyes

005-Featherman-tribe                                      006-Mystery of the 5 L’s-mystery

007-Bad Luck-curse                                        008-Fourth of July/Secret Code-secrets

009-Abadabazaba-knowledge                         010-Beach Party-the sea

011-Cartoon Strip-trickery                              012-Chief Chickapaw-native

013-Surprises-feather                                     014-Teaching Clarabell a Lesson-correction

015-Oil Well Owner-oil                                 016-Lanky Lou-greed

017-Tententotube-tents                                    018-Gazinkas-testing

019-Grandma Bluster’s Picture-dishonesty     020-April Fool’s Day/Wing Ding-election


The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp-1956-1 hour-Law Men

Here we have the story of one of America’s greatest characters of the Old West.  Marshall Wyatt

Earp is an actual hero from American History.  This program chronicles his true life adventures in

several different towns of the American Southwest.

001-Wyatt Earp Becomes a Marshal-help      004-Marshall Earp Meets General Lee-pride

005-Wyatt Earp Comes to Wichita-truth         016-The Buntline Special-gifts

019-The Assassins-brotherhood                     028-One of Jesse’s Gang-sins                        

029-The Pinkertons-envy                                033-Bat Masterson Again-jealousy                

035-Dodge City Gets New Marshal-violence 039-Wyatt’s Love Affair-dreams                   

060-Hang ‘Em High-secret societies              066-Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday-friends         

099-When Sherman Marched-controversy      145-Dodge is Civilized-sin                            

149-Dodge City-Hail and Farewell-gratitude 151-Tombstone!-evil                                     

152-Wyatt’s Decision-family                          158-The Ring of Death-conspiracy                

159-Wyatt Wins One-lying                              166-Wells Fargo Calling Marshal Earp-greed

189-Wyatt’s Bitterest Enemy-enemy               190-The Truth About Old Man Clanton-family

222-Requiem for Old Man Clanton-1-death    223-Wyatt’s Brothers Join Up-2-danger

224-Just Before The Battle-3-betrayal            225-Gunfight at the O.K. Corral-4-battle

226-The Outlaws Cry Murder-5-judgment


The Lone Ranger-1860-1/2 hour-Heroes

The Lone Ranger was the only survivor of an ambush of a group of Texas Rangers in the Old West.

Along with his Indian sidekick Tonto and his white horse Silver, he traveled everywhere doing good,

rescuing the good, and punishing the evil.  His gun fired only silver bullets.

001-Enter the Lone Ranger-betrayal               002-The Lone Ranger Fights On-rescue

003-The Lone Ranger's Triumph-victory        004-Legion of Old Timers-courage

005-Rustler's Hideout-restoration                   006-War Horse-peace

007-Pete and Pedro-friendship                       008-The Renegades-rebels

009-The Tenderfeet-greed                              010-High Heels-vanity

011-Six Gun Legacy-inheritance                     012-Return of the Convict-vengeance

013-Finders Keepers-honesty                         014-The Masked Rider-deception

015-Old Joe's Sister-brethren                         016-Cannonball McKay-trust

204-A Message From Abe-honesty


Red Skelton-America’s Favorite Clown-Laughter SS=The Silent Spot

Red Skelton was probably one of the most famous comedians of all time.  His slapstick comedy,

Wonderful mime routines, and vast array of characters like Freddie the Freeloader, Klem

Kaddlehopper, and the Cowboy Dead Eye created a wonderful time of good clean fun.

101-Archie Moore-power-(SS-mystery)        102-Martha Raye-slavery-(SS-sin)

103-Tossed Salad-army                                  104-Wild West-death

105-Smog Czar-adversity                               106-Trailer Heaven-contract

201-Trick or Treat-drunkenness                      202-Talent Hunt-riches

203-Christmas Story-poverty                          204-The Gumshoe-killing

205-Dr. Clem-knowledge                               206-The Mural-beauty

207-The Spies-secrets                                    208-The Da Vinci-treasures

301-Martha Raye-bride-(SS-betrayal)            302-Ed Sullivan-(Wild West)

303-Edward Everett Horton-                          401-Alan Funt-lust-(SS-mountains)

402-Clem Kiddlehopper-honor-(SS-birth)     403-John Wayne-bravery-(SS-battle)

501-Cope and the Anthem-poverty                  502-Thanksgiving Special-Thanksgiving

503-Hall of Fame-life


The Rifleman-1958-1/2 hour-Father

Lucas McCain was a widowed, single father raising his son on a small ranch in the Old West.

Living on a small ranch, Lucas had become a legend by using his own unique invention, a very

special rifle that seemingly could not be beat!

001-The Sharpshooter -pride                          002-Home Ranch-trials-book of Job

003-End of a Young Gun-family                     004-The Marshall-fear

007-Duel of Honor-strangers                          038-Outlaw’s Inheritance-inheritance

055-Day of the Hunter-mighty men                  056-Mail Order Groom-love


The Roy Rogers Show-1954-1/2 hour-Justice

The greatest of the singing cowboys, Roy Rogers, along with his wife Dale Evans, was a great western

television hit.  Along with his horse Trigger, his dog Bullitt, and his sidekick Pat and his jeep Nelly

Bell, Roy battled a host of evil characters in this classic series.

001-Jailbreak-deception                                 003-The Set-Up-greed

004-Howling Dog Canyon-treasure                005-The Train Robbery-theft

007-Outlaw’s Girl-love                                  008-The Desert Fugitive-brothers

010-The Unwilling Outlaw-suspicion             011-Dead Men’s Hills-evil doers

013-Ghost Gulch-land                                     014-The Death Wagon-charity

017-Shoot to Kill-lying                                   021-The Double Crosser-mother

031-The Knockout-fighting                             033-Phantom Rustlers-thieves

042-Bullets and a Burro-gold                         058-Hard Luck Story-insurance

060-Bad Neighbors-peace                              061-Strangers-strangers

072-Ranch War-wages of sin                          078-Ambush-riches

079-Money is Dangerous-charity                    081-Horse Crazy-manstealing

083-Empty Saddles-trouble                            084-Sheriff Missing-manstealing

096-High Stakes-witness


Stories of the Century-1954-1/2 hour-History

Railroad Detective Matt Clark, along with his female sidekick Mary Castle, traveled throughout

the Old West on one assignment after the other.  Along the way, they meet up with many of the

historical characters of the period like Jesse James, Geronimo, the Dalton Gang and Belle Starr.

001-Belle Starr-1848-marriage                      002-Billy the Kid-1881-youth

003-Frank and Jesse James-1866-family        004-Geronimo-1880-tribes

005-Quantrill & His Raiders-1860-rebellion 006-Cattle Kate-1889-rustling

007-Sam Bass-1877-treasure                          008-Johnny Ringo-1882-desert

009-The Dalton Gang-1892-time                    010-Doc Holliday-1885-friendship

011-The Younger Brothers-1876-brethren      012-John Wesley Hardin-1870-murder

013-Joaquin Murietta- 1850-gold                    014-Tiburcio Vasquez-1855-vengeance

015-Chief Crazy Horse-1877-death                016-Black Bart-1883-money

017-Henry Plummer-1863-wicked rule          018-Bill Longley-1876-wrong

019-Harry Tracy-1890-suicide                       020-Wild Bunch of Wyoming-1890-marriage

021-The Doolin Gang-1893-widow               022-Little Britches-1893-escape

023-Black Jack Ketchum-1897-loyalty           024-Tom Horn-1900-backsliding

025-Ben Thompson-1884-loyalty                   026-Clay Allison-1875-sword

028-The Apache Kid-1888-justice                 029-Tom Bell-1850-1855-scorn

030-Kate Bender-1870-snare                          032-Cherokee Bill-1894-mother

033-Nate Champion-1892-lust                        034-Sontag and Evans-1892-jealousy

035-Rube Burrows-1890-betrayal                  036-Jim Courtright-1887-bravery

038-Jack Slade-1864-suspicion                      039-L.H. Musgrove-1868-lying


Superman-1941-Fleischer cartoons-10 minutes-Salvation

The first Superman series to be seen on television, these cartoons were first developed for the

movie theatres in 1941.  In this program, Superman battles giant robots, prehistoric monsters,

evil scientists, criminals, and World War II Japanese and German spies.

001-Superman-salvation                                 002-Mechanical Monsters-giants

003-Billion Dollar Limited-greed                   004-The Artic Giant-behemoth

005-The Bulleteers-destruction                       006-The Magnetic Telescope-heavens

007-Electric Earthquake-earth                        008-Volcano-nature

009-Terror On The Midway-beasts                010-Japoteurs-flight

011-Showdown-antichrist                               012-Eleventh Hour-east

013-Destruction, Incorporated-betrayal          014-The Mummy Strikes-south

015-Jungle Drums-north                                  016-Underground World-hell

017-Secret Agent-secrets


The Twilight Zone-1959-1/2 hour-The Unknown

Rod Serling created a fantasy world that few have been able to emulate.  In this television show,

which started in 1959, he introduced the American public to some of the greatest science fiction

stories of all time.

005-Walking Distance-childhood                   007-The Lonely-lonliness

008-Time Enough At Last-knowledge             013-The Four of Us are Dying-face

022-Monsters Due on Maple Street-trust        032-A Passage for Trumpet-despair/hope

042-Eye of the Beholder-beauty                      047-The Night of the Meek-charity

051-The Invaders-terror                                  054-Odyssey of Flight 33-time

055-Mr. Dingle, the Strong-strength                058-Long Distance Call-family

062-Shadow Play-dreams                               064-Real Martian, Please Stand Up-aliens

066-Two-war/peace/love                               070-A Game of Pool-skill

081-Nothing in the Dark-death                        086-Kick the Can-youth

088-Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank-death         090-The Fugitive-escape

100-I Sing the Body Electric-love                  122-Steel-defeat

123-Nightmare at 20,000 Feet-devils-fear      126-Living Doll-bitterness

129-Probe 7-Over and Out-creation


The Untouchables-1959-hour-Season 1-part 1-Evil

The 1930’s was a time of mobsters and crime across our nation.  FBI agent Elliott Ness is based

on a true American hero, along with his fellow agents who became known as the Untouchables,

brought to justice such violent criminals as Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and Frank Nitty.

American hero

001a-The Scarface Mob-1-evil                       001b-The Scarface Mob-2-judgment

002-The Empty Chair-revenge                        003-Ma Barker and Her Boys-mother

004-The Jake Lingle Story-valor                    005-The George “Bugs” Moran Story-manstealing

006-Ain’t We Got Fun?-laughter                     007-The Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll Story-racing

008-Mexican Standoff-corruption                   009-The Artichoke King-rich

010-Tri-State Gang-mercy                              011-The Dutch Schultz Story-sword

012-You Can’t Pick the Number-greed           013-Underground Railroad-appearances

014-Syndicate Sanctuary-city                          015-The Noise of Death-war

016-Star Witness-witness                               017-The St. Louis Story-rebellion

018-One-Armed Bandit-family                       019-Little Egypt-spies

020-The Big Squeeze- stealing                        021-The Unhired Assassin-1-conspiracy

022-The Unhired Assassin-2-assassins           023-The White Slavers-slavery

024-Three Thousand Suspects-prison             025-The Doreen Maney Story-love

026-Portrait of a Thief-drunkenness                027-Underworld Bank-usury

028-Head of Fire, Feet of Clay-fear               029-The Frank Nitti Story-protection


Wanted: Dead or Alive-1958-1/2 hour-Season 1-Bounty

Josh Randall was a most unlikely hero.  He was a bounty hunter in the Old West.  He had made

a special weapon he called his “hog leg”, a sawed off Winchester rifle.  He is a bounty hunter

with a golden heart, hunting down the criminals that law officers cannot bring to justice.

001-Martin Poster-family                                002-Fatal Memory-remembrance                   

003-The Bounty-justice                                   004-Dead End-loyalty                                    

005-Passing of Shawnee Bill-a good name     006-The Giveaway Gun-forgiveness             

007-Ransom for a Nun-prayer                         008-Miracle at Pot Hole-injustice                 

009-The Fourth Headstone-innocence             010-‘Til Death Do Us Part-marriage             

011-The Favor-guilt                                        012-Ricochet-inheritance                               

013-Sheriff of Red Rock-betrayal                   014-Die by the Gun-drunkenness                   

015-Rawhide Breed-wilderness                     016-Eight Cent Reward-Christmas                

017-Drop to Drink-water                                018-Rope Law-mob                                       

019-Six-Up to Bannach-power                       020-The Spur- deception                                

021-Reunion For Revenge-escape                  022-Competition-greed

023-Call Your Shot-death                               024-Secret Ballot-

025-The Corner-reward                                  026-Eager Man-friendship                             

027-The Legend-treasure                                028-Railroaded-killing

029-Double Fee-1871-deception                    030-The Kovack Affair-business

031-Bounty for a Bride-wedding                    032-Crossroads-prodigal son

033-Angels of Vengeance-vengeance              034-Littlest Client-father

035-The Conquerors-army                              036-Amos Carter-family


Zorro-1830-1957-1/2 hour-Season 1-Valor

Don Diego is the son of a wealthy land owner in California of the Old West.  Having to deal

with the evil government leaders of his day, he donned the mask of El Zorro, “the Fox”. He

used his sword, his horse Tornado, and his mute sidekick Bernardo to battle the evil of his day.

001-Presenting Senor Zorro-deception           002-Zorro’s Secret Passage-mystery

003-Zorro Rides to the Mission-sanctuary      004-The Ghost of the Mission-spirits

005-Zorro’s Romance-escape                         006-Zorro Saves a Friend-rescue

007-Monastario Sets a Trap-ambush              008-Zorro’s Ride into Terror-salvation

009-A Fair Trial-judgment                              010-Garcia’s Secret Mission-punishment

011-Double Trouble for Zorro-snare              012-Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive-cunning

013-The Fall of Monastario-authority             014-Shadow of Doubt-murder

015-Garcia Stands Accused-stealing              016-Slaves of the Eagle-slavery

017-Sweet Face of Danger-marriage              018-Zorro Fights His Father-tyranny

019-Death Stacks the Deck-covetousness       020-Agent of the Eagle-spy

021-Zorro Springs a Trap-horse                     022-The Unmasking of Zorro-secrets

023-The Secret of the Sierra-gold                   024-The New Commandante-wife

025-The Fox and the Coyote-race                   026-Adios, Senor Magistrado-victory

027-The Eagle’s Brood-wine                         028-Zorro by Proxy-snare

029-Quintana Makes a Choice-betrayal          030-Zorro Lights a Fuse-death

031-The Man with the Whip-honor                 032-The Cross of the Andes-riches

033-The Deadly Bolas-messenger                  034-The Well of Death-danger

035-The Tightening Noose-eagle                    036-The Sergeant Regrets-errors

037-The Eagle Leaves the Nest-fear               038-Bernardo Faces Death-salvation

039-The Eagle’s Flight-battle