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The CHRISTIAN MINUTEMAN NETWORK is a Christian online service, working to turn our nation back to God, one soul at a time. 

We currently offer the following free email services to all who wish to participate.


"Bible Believers Report" is a weekly Bible class that is an ongoing journey through the Old and New Testaments.(current issue)


"Christian Minuteman Agenda" is a monthly emailing that tells of what is happening with the Christian Minuteman Network and around the world.(current issue)


"Christian Minuteman Alert" is a periodic emailing that tells of things happening of vital importance to the Christian community.(current issue)


"Christian Minuteman Report" is a weekly class discussing current events and American history from a Christian perspective.(current issue)


"Christian World News Report" is a semi-weekly series of news reports collected from several different Christian news agencies around the world. This is our Christian news alternative to the major news outlets with their liberal bias and often ungodly, hidden agendas.(current issue)


"Hispanic Ministry Report" is a monthly report covering the work of our Hispanic Ministry. (current issue)


"Internet Prayer Requests" is a weekly prayer group who has participants from all around the world.(current issue)


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We also have a website network and would be honored to have you visit it atů


Christian Minuteman Network


Christian Watchman Network


We look forward to hearing from you soon.  God bless.  MARANATHA!


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