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MAY 2018


1-FAITH FELLOWSHIP-www.FaithFellowshipChurch.com-Robert Nakamoto was injured while in Iraq and has now been transferred stateside.  He has released a music CD that tells the story of his time in Iraq.  If you would like to purchase one of these CD’s and help support this ministry, you can contact him at www.BetterDay.Homestead.com. 


2-CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CLASSES-www.ChristianLayman.Homestead.com-This month’s DVD is on the spiritual giant of LAWLESSNESS.  It contains a 2-hour documentary that covers the growth of the perversion of the legal system in America today.   The title for this month’s DVD is THE ACLU: TAKING LIBERTIES.  This covers the history of the American Civil Liberties Union from it creation by the Communist Party U.S.A. in 1920 to today, where it is funded by millions of our tax dollars each year.  Next month, we will be taking a look at the spiritual stronghold of GREED that we have seen growing in America over the past few decades.  That DVD will be entitled THE GOSPEL OF UNHOLY HOLLYWOOD.  God bless your ministry.  Please pray for ours.  You are in our prayers.


3-JESUS TV NETWORK-www.JesusTV.homestead.com-Classic TV Bible studies are media-based studies using television shows, many of which were produced at the time when America was still a Christian nation.  Using a NAVE’S TOPICAL BIBLE and the biblical topics listed next to each television episode, anyone can use these programs to help teach Christian principles that once made our nation the great moral leader that it once was, and that it will be once again someday.  On this website, there are posted episodes from over 250 different TV shows, along with the Biblical principle of each episode.  Thus, these TV shows could then be used as the basis for a series of Bible studies for you, your family, and your friends.  This month, we have added ARROW 601-614; BLUE BLOODS 802-815; DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 301-312; DESIGNATED SURVIVOR 202-211; THE FLASH 2014 401-414; THE GIFTED-SEASON 1; THE GOOD DOCTOR-SEASON 1; GOTHAM 403-412; MACGYVER 202-216; MARVEL'S THE INHUMANS-COMPLETE SERIES; NCIS 1501-1515; NCIS: LOS ANGELES 901-911; NCIS: NEW ORLEANS 401-415; SUPERBOOK 2009-211 & 306; SUPERGIRL 301-313; WISDOM OF THE CROWD-COMPLETE SERIES to our lineup.  To learn more about this ministry, click on the link above.  ENJOY!


4-A.C.E.S. CLASS-www.ChristianLayman.Homestead.com-The three parts of this month’s ACES Bible study are INTERNET FREEDOM; THE NEW CITY OF NEOM; and REVELATION REVISITED CHAPTER 15.  INTERNET FREEDOM is a Christian World News report concerning what is happening to interfere with freedom of speech on the Internet.  THE NEW CITY OF NEOM is a study taught by David Rosenthal about a city being built in the Middle East that will be bigger than 30 New York Cities.  REVELATION REVISITED CHAPTER 15 is one segment of a series I have taught over the years about Bible history and the Last Days.  These studies are also available now at www.YouTube.com.


5-FREEDOM HOUSE MINISTRY-www.FreedomHouses.Homestead.com-There are now 2 Freedom Houses in Lebanon.  These are halfway houses for people coming out of jail or prison, to help them get a new start on life.  A third Freedom House is now being remodeled and should be in use in 2018.  Once this is completed, this ministry will be helping upwards of 100 men in our area.  To learn more about this ministry, please go to the website above.


6-WILSON COUNTY HISPANIC MINISTRY-www.IglesiaLebanon.homestead.com-Our Sunday services are averaging over 100 attendees.  We have Sunday School from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM.  This is followed by our Sunday morning worship service, which runs from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM.  We also have Wednesday night services at 7:00 PM.  We are currently working on the building of our new church house on Park Avenue in Lebanon.


7-CHRISTIAN LAYMAN NETWORK-www.ChristianLayman.Homestead.com-We currently have 3 monthly multimedia Bible classes; 2 in English and one in bilingual Spanish.  They are CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP SCHOOL; A.C.E.S.; and HISPANIC A.C.E.S.  Our weekly website services are also currently averaging nearly 2,000 participants.  This consists of 4 weekly studies; 3 in English and 1 in Spanish.  They are CHRISTIAN MINUTEMAN REPORT, BIBLE BELIEVERS REPORT, and REPORTE PARA CREYENTES DE LA BIBLIA.  Also, on Tuesdays, we have an INTERNET PRAYER REQUESTS service averaging over 2,200.  If you would like to participate in any of these, contact us at… ZDRaines@ChristianMinuteman.net.


8-JOSEPH’S STOREHOUSE-www.loaejosephsstorehouse.org-Last month, we were able to help over 500 families receive food through this ministry.  There were also several people who became Christians during our Saturday morning worship service.  Joseph's Storehouse has a brand-new YouTube channel. You can watch short video clips of the various churches, ministers, and organizations who have adopted Joseph's Storehouse for a month. There will also be heart felt testimonies from some of the recipients.  We would love for you to click the link below and subscribe to our channel. Please help us get the word out.  https://youtu.be/H36rQIWKvYc  "Found My Mama" Joseph's Storehouse testimony.  Help us continue to bring this food to needy people in our community.  Our next food giveaway will be on Thursday, April 26 and Saturday, April 28.  You can contact this ministry by clicking on the link above or calling them at 615-453-5777.


9-CHRISTIAN WATCHMAN NETWORK-www.ChristianWatchman.Homestead.com-Please pray for all our foreign mission outreaches.  If you know any missionaries that would like us to link their website address to our network or build them a free website for their mission works, just have them contact us at the CWN website above.  On Thursdays, we have a weekly online CHRISTIAN WATCHMAN WORSHIP service averaging over 1,700 participants from all over the world.   


10-ONLINE EVANGELISM PROJECT-ZDRaines@ChristianMinuteman.net-Through the Online Evangelism project, we now share Jesus with hundreds of people each week. Last month, we have shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with over 3,300 people on the internet.  To learn the details of how to share Jesus Christ over the internet with your lost friends or to use your junk email to evangelize, click the link above.


11-CHRISTIAN MINUTEMAN NETWORK-www.ChristianMinuteman.net-We have been contacted by nearly 100 website visitors last month.  Please keep this ministry in your prayers as we continue to work to turn America back to God, one soul at a time. 


1-HERMITAGE HISPANIC MINISTRY-http://www.IglesiaHermitage.homestead.com-We currently have services on Saturday at 7:00 PM and Wednesday at 6:00 PM.  Sunday School classes and worship services average 20 people.  You can learn more about this ministry by clicking the link above or by calling Pastor Luis Najera Hernandez de Guatemala at 615-414-2434.


God bless your ministry.  Please pray for ours.  MARANATHA!!!



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